Professional Water Color Pencil Set Dry or Wet | Arts & Crafts Supplies


[VERSATILE PENCIL] Professionally created for artists, with everyday use in mind featuring vibrant pigments & soft shadows used dull, or crisp, bold lines with intense color when sharp. The soft core helps create beautiful textures, easy blending, layering and extremely smooth color laydown when wet or when applied to wet mediums.

[SUITABLE FOR WET & DRY PAINTING] These drawing pencils can be used to draw dry or paint wet, on Dry or on Wet mediums. Use our Dry or Wet Watercolor Pencils, for the fullest flexibility of color tones and Watercolor painting.

[VARIETY OF COLORS] These water color pencils are ideal for all ranges of water coloring or dry sketching techniques looking for a softer yet solid tone. Try applied any assortment of water coloring techniques for a diverse range of color and texture ranges.

[PERFECT WATERCOLOR PENCIL] Our pencils are perfect for coloring, sketch books, drawing, mandalas, adult coloring, writing, painting with watercolors. They are perfect for teachers, students and artists. With a Comfortable Grip, our Watercolor pencils for kids, teens, and adults conform to all safety standards.

[100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] You are protected with our 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee for either a replacement or refund. We love our customers, that’s why we care about only putting out high quality products that satisfies your needs.