Natural Savory Protein & Omega Rich Dog Snack Treats


[It’s all Organic and Safe] – These treats are completely organic and do not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. It contains absolutely no wheat, corn, soy or added artificial ingredients.

[Healthy Omega Oils for strong and healthy skin] – These treats are made with natural salmon oil and omega fatty acids making it rich in protein and omega with a healthy skin for your dog. It’s a healthy bite after bite.

[It’s a Treat and a Snack in One] – These treats are not only a treat, they can also be used as a protein rich snack for your dog during the day.

[Gently Dried to Lock in the Aroma] – Gently dried up to lock in the aroma, this is a fun, safe and nutritious treat for your pet.

[Lovilife’s dog treat save you money] – Considering all the use-case areas such as training, travel, and overall health, Lovilife’s dog treats are a great investment. They provide the required nutrition your dog needs while saving you money that would otherwise be spent on expensive vet bills and veterinarian prescriptions.

500g Salmon Nugget
500g Salmon Nugget
500g Salmon Nugget