Chicken Chew Pet Treats


[Satisfy your dog daily requirement] – The unique, all-natural formulation contains fresh meat your dog craves. This helps your dog meet his daily requirement of protein. That way, you can rest assured your beloved pooch is always well-nourished.

[Treats contain no added preservatives or chemicals] – Enjoy all the benefits of rawhide without any added preservatives or chemicals. In fact, our bites are made without artificial colors or flavors.

[Rawhide dog treats can help keep your pet’s teeth clean] – These chewy treats from Lovilife are help in maintaining fresh breath and keep the dental health of your pet in check by removing plaque and tartar buildup. It also prevents tooth decay, gum irritation, swelling of gums and mouth ulcers in pets by scraping or removing plaque from teeth.

[Rawhide dog treats are easier on the pocket] – These rawhide chews are not only delicious but are also cheaper than the store-bought chews made of synthetic stuff. The material used in these chews is sourced from local butchers, hence no transportation or supply chain costs are incurred. These treats are long-lasting as well and numerous pieces can be fed to the pet.

[Can help train your pet] – If you are looking for a treat that can help you train your pet, this is it. These rawhide dog chews offer a delicious solution that they will love and is good for them at the same time.



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