Brazil Ebony Wood Horsetail 4/4 Cello Bow


? 100% HAND-FINISHED WOOD VIOLIN BOW: Cello bows are individually hand-crafted, then hand strung by professional luthiers using only real Mongolian horsehair. Once primed with rosin, strokes can produce a beautiful warm overtone. Brazil ebony wood as the main material of frog, provide a nice hand touch, and suitable counterweight for violin.

? DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY: We have curated the highest quality material for our bow masters that handmade each bow stick. This guarantees a smooth construction and natural arch to deliver the perfect balance point and weight distribution, resulting in a more enjoyable violin playing experience.

? ELEGANT DESIGN:  You can find ebony frog with natural wood grain, is decorated with classical Parisian eyes. And fully mounted by nickel silver. sheepskin grip, elegant nickel silver thread winding comfortable feeling. Very charming looking.

? PERFECT MATCH TO ALL VIOLINS: This versatile bow is made to be well-rounded and lightweight, making it the perfect match with all violin makes and models. Ideal gift for both beginner and professional violinists alike.

? 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You are protected with our 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee for either a replacement or refund. We love our customers, that’s why we care about only putting out high quality products that satisfies your needs.

1000 in stock (can be backordered)