8 Assorted Dog Snacks Pet Treats Rewards – Fresh Beef Chicken Fruits


[Give your dog the best treat he deserves!] – Treat your dog to some lovin’ with Lovilife treats! Your dogs are your family and they deserve the very best when it comes to treating them! We offer a selection of exclusive treats that are made with fresh meat and fruits to ensure your doggies get not only their favorite flavors and textures but also good health benefits.

[Treats Done Right] – Lovilife’s treats are made fresh and are well-thought out, and they are specifically designed to bring out the best in your dog! No matter how small the treat is, your dog will definitely feel that he’s been loved and appreciated when you treat him with Lovilife!

[All-natural dog treats] – We believe that any pet should enjoy the right food to guarantee a long and healthy life. From the second we start with our selected high-quality raw materials, we cook them with care and love, to ensure your companion a tasty, organic, and safe treat.

[Reward your doggie the healthy way] – Lovilife’s dog treats are made of all-natural ingredients, with no allergenic fillers. Lovilife’s dog treats are great for dogs who have food allergies. With 8 different tasty treats to choose from, your dog will be very happy to see you every time you take out your bag!

Snack Combo-8pieces
Snack Combo-8pieces
Snack Combo-8pieces