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What clients say about our Pet Supplies

  • Bathing and grooming my five month old Alaskan malamute/husky has always been a bit of a struggle. The sight of the nail clippers, and grooming brush were enough to send her running. I can honestly say that the slow treater has been a total game changer when it comes to bath-time & grooming. It’s simply amazing how a single tablespoon of peanut butter spread into the slow treater can keep my pup so distracted that I’m able to fully wash, dry, brush, and clip her nails without her even noticing!!!
  • This leash is great! I like that I can recharge it a lot. I didn’t like the idea of wasting batteries, or the whole least with those other light-up leashes out there. It makes me feel better when walking my dog at night. I hold the leash across my mid-section too as I walk, so drivers know where I am as well 🙂
  • This flea comb does just what the description says. It finds and zaps fleas and makes removal a snap crackly joy.
  • I’ve just had this for a few days but I love it so far. I think whoever first came up with this idea was brilliant. I had seen a neighbor with something similar, so I searched on internet and chose this leash based on other reviews and the price. I normally walk my dog early in the morning and at about 10pm. We have no sidewalks so we always have to watch out for cars; this leash shows up much better than simply carrying a flashlight. I was worried that the length would be a problem since her other leash is longer and this one is only about 4 feet long, but it has not been an issue. We have taken four short (about 15 minute) walks with it and I have not had to re-charge it yet.

Reading these reviews makes us happy because they prove that we do it right. Furthermore, lots of people also praise the customer-friendly policy of our web store, and you can enjoy it too. If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the Pet Supplies you ordered, let us know, and we’ll return the money.

In other words, it’s our greatest pleasure to provide customers with seamless shopping experience. So, go ahead and pick something for yourself!


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