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  • This thing helped me survive my snowy camping trip. I was hammering stakes into the snow and taking them out when I was ready to leave. The blade is very sharp and does cut thru branches just like on the video. I don’t want to try and cut thru a brick because I want to keep it sharp. Whoever was talking crap about the carrying case is a moron. The carrying case was very well made and a very nice touch.
  • 6.01.2021 in the evening ordered 9.01.2021 in 14.30 already delivered by the Courier home. Super. Thank you very much.
  • Heavy duty! Don’t believe the bad reviews! Just don’t go crazy with the knife spear attachment. This thing has serious mass to it! It comes with a Phillips and flat head attachment,it has a saw, a fire starting flint that actually works, and a shovel that has triple uses. One use is as a chopping axe, a saw, & of course a shovel and a hoe! And it even has two spots to be able to tighten or loosen bolts, of course they would have to be away from any blocking obstacles.And it also has a glass breaker at the end of the handle, a whistle. I believe it has one more uses but it skips my mind at the moment. Obviously this can be used as a weapon in a couple of different ways. Oh yes, it looks like it has a couple of bottle openers. I have yet to use it but because of its sheer girth and mass it’s seems to be heavy duty enough to do extreme jobs and the grooves for screwing the handles on and off seem to be machined very well!

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Home Improvement Tools

Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel


Home Improvement Tools

18V Electric Impact Wrench


Home Improvement Tools

Aluminum Foil Repair Tape


Home Improvement Tools

Contour Gauge Profile Tool


Home Improvement Tools

Round Sanding Tool with LED Light