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  • During this time while we’ve all been working from home, I’ve noticed upper back pain. Being at the computer for extended amounts of time makes you unaware of your posture, sometimes to the point where bad posture is comfortable. Knowing that it’s not healthy long term, wearing this device reminds you of when your shoulders begin to roll forward, putting a firm pressure there, so you know when you need to stand up straighter. Over time, you get used to avoiding that sensation and a proper posture becomes comfortable again, which prevents back pain at the end of the day. Forcing yourself to stand up straight feels awkward without this device, but with it, it helps remind you when you’re falling back into bad habits. I’m sure over time, it won’t be needed once mentally knowing what proper posture feels like.
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  • I ordered a small cause I wear a women’s 7 but it’s a bit too small. Having a hard time wrapping around the ankle. I would suggest a size bigger for myself but I’m gonna try and make it work.

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