Lovilife ™  was founded with a conscious spirit and a relevant
objective: to create self-love through simply enhanced living.

Every idea starts with a problem, and this one is close to almost every home.
For years mother’s focused on the family; the working focused on work-stress,
and the sick, well, they lost focus on being well. With no time or drive for
themselves, they end up living but not enjoying life.

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The lives of these people are
dominated by everything else except self-love and discovery.

We started Lovilife to offer life in a complete package for the mind, soul, and

By marrying wellness with functionality, we have curated wellness, and lifestyle
products designed to create an appetite for daily self-care, and catalyze a life of
wellness – for a fraction of the price many spend medically.

We believe that life should be enjoyed and living should be affordable. After all,
what price should be put on your total wellness? People go hard and working
hard should leave them living, loving, and laughing.

We believe that everyone has the right to experience life in all aspects of living,
without comprise!