10 Stylish Must-Have Items For Every Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Fashion is a statement; it’s the way you present yourself to the people, and it’s important for both men and women alike. This time though let’s discuss the trends for a man’s wardrobe. 


A lot of men struggle with choosing outerwear for themselves for they don’t know how to style it and what matches with it. Here are 6 coats and jackets that will fit anyone’s style!

1. Cooper Trench Coat | Men’s Fashion Double Breasted Coat

This piece is a perfect choice for colder weather, whether it’s dry or wet – it will keep you warm and snug. Plus, its universal design will look great with pants and accessories of any style: from casual to formal. 


2. Bryson Worsted Coat | Houndstooth Jacket for Men

Now, if you’re more into classy/preppy style, you need to pay attention to straight silhouette checkered patterned coats, and this one right here is a great example. Although rather simple in design, it has notable details that attract attention and highlight your style. 


3. Rocky Hooded Coat| Wool Coat Men’s Long Trench Coat

For those who prefer casual/streetwear to formal style, we highly recommend taking into consideration this hooded trench coat. It will give you the warmth and comfort you desire for the cold fall-winter season, while still serving as a masterpiece of your outfit.


4. Cashmere-Wool Blend Overcoat for Men

We know that not all men feel comfortable wearing longer outerwear pieces, that’s why we selected shorter lots. This overcoat will become your go-to option during colder season for its versatile fit and warm underlayer. Note that it is rather on the ‘formal’ end of the style scale, so style it accordingly. 


5. Pepper Faux Fur Jacket | Urban Style Men’s Jacket

Leather jackets… they make anyone look incredibly cool and stylish. Remember all these iconic characters from the movies: Mel Gibson in ‘Mad Max,’ John Travolta in ‘Grease,’ Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Terminator, ’Johnny Depp in ‘Cry-Baby,’ and many more memorable appearances in leather jackets. If you want to bring this cool vibe into your everyday style, a leather jacket is your choice!


6. Cooper Work Jacket | Men’s Bomber Jacket 

Lastly, a simple yet much needed piece in your daily wear. This work jacket will serve you well in your routine when you don’t want to look too imposing. However, it still has its own charm, which constitutes in its vintage look. 



If you follow the trends, you know that streetwear and worker-inspired pieces are now in fashion; that is especially true for the bottoms. Here we will show you an example of this kind of pants on two pieces, take a look!

7. Harajuku Men’s Joggers with Multiple Pockets

Loose on the top and tight down to the bottom, these joggers offer a unique silhouette and an impressive choice for your outfits. Style them with chunky sneakers and hoodies or even a classy coat for an even bigger impression!


8. Men’s Cotton Loose Pants

These pants seem less extreme than our previous lot, but they still fall into the same style category. Their versatility plays to your advantage, as you can include them in more outfits, both casual and more or less formal. 


To feel completely comfortable in your new pants, you need to choose the right set of underwear. We recommend breathable, tight to the body boxers. Take a look at our favorites!

9. Men’s Breathable Boxers

A classic choice for boxers: comfy stretchy material, a tad bit longer than usual length. All of this will bring you ultimate comfort no matter what bottoms you wear. 


10. Men’s Cotton Breathable Boxers Set 4 pcs

This model of boxers is low waist and a bit shorter than the previous one. There is no disadvantage in wearing either, it all depends on your preference. As for the color line, in the set you can find classic boxer colors, such as black, blue, grey, white, and red. 

We’re sure these 10 apparel pieces will perfectly fit into your wardrobe, but if you’re looking for more ideas for men’s fashion, we welcome you at our store!

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