10 Sleepwear Ideas for a Great Night’s Sleep

There are so many different types of pajamas out there, some more comfy than others, but if you’re tired of wearing the same ol’ oversized T-shirt to bed, consider these cute styles. Also, if you’re trying to impress your husband or partner (or you’re just feeling yourself!), we added some spicier lingerie options if that’s what you’re into.

Silk Pajamas

Oh you fancy, huh? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a lil luxe when you’re snoozing, and this silky set definitely fits the bill.

Fluffy Pajama Set

These fun and inexpensive pajama sets come in several colors, printed with cute graphics. Featuring the booty-hugging design and fluffy finish, the charm of the fluffy pajama is you can look as sexy as you look like an innocent teddy bear! Perfect option when it’s a bit chilly at home.

A Bunch of PJs with Shorts

Pajamas with shorts are always great to sleep in and to lounge at home. You can rock various fabrics, colors, prints and looks, go for an oversized top and wide shorts for ultimate comfort. Enjoy!

Lace Trimmed Sleepwear Set

Chic silk pajamas with a top with lace detailing and ruffle shorts are ideal for sleeping.

Floral Pattern Set

A sweet tank top in a floral pattern (with matching shorts as a bonus!), will look so good on you and give you that flawless woke-up-like-this look in the morning.

Silk Sleepwear Set

A burgundy silk set with an oversized top and lace trimmed shorts is amazing to rock for sleeping.

Sexy Style Sleepwear Set

Okay, we LOVE this delicate little number. It’s silky, lacy, and oh-so SEXY!

A Funny Quote Tee With Shorts

It sounds silly but sometimes we just can’t resist these sarcastic tee quotes shirt. To stand out from the crowd, all you need is a cool T-shirt with an “I don’t give a damn” face.

Adorable Kigurumi

Ladies, don’t be guilty. Whether you are 18 or 28, you will never be too old for the cartoon costumes as a grown-up! If you have guy friends over, they will also love this playful idea more than the silk pajama look! Plus, you can always reuse these costumes for Halloween and other parties. So these cuties are actually worth investing in!


If you’re a dress person even in bed, a lacy babydoll is prob for you. The silhouette is breezy for hot sleepers, but the sheer fabric will drop any jaws that you might want dropped.


A nightgown is always a comfy piece to sleep in. Add a matching robe to create a nice set and wear it at home and not only for sleeping.

Hope you found a pajama storage idea that works for you! Tell us in comments which option do you like the most:)

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